The Festival

Welcome to Vienna's International Queer Film Festival. Inspired by B. Ruby Rich's legendary article about the New Queer Cinema in Sight and Sound, DV8-Film founded the Vienna home base for Queer Cinema in 1994.

In 1996 the VIENNALE, Vienna's International Film Festival, invited the festival to be part of their SPECIALS series. Until 2001 identities - though independent as such (artistically and as an organisation) - it was part of VIENNALE and its budget. Fast growing as it was – 25% more viewers and films in each edition  – it soon became obvious that the festival needed to look for funding and financing sources of its own.

In 2003 it found strong partners - the cultural department of the City of Vienna and the Art Section of the Federal Chancellery as well as many media sponsors, in kind donors and contributing partners. All of them and the festival's beloved audience have made identities into Vienna's second largest international film event.

2007 marked a kind of anniversary. 15 years of New Queer Cinema and 14 years of Vienna's Queer Film Festivals. In eight packed days identities 2007 presented once again a 'Best of Program' of the past two years and many special programs looking back and to the future of Queer Cinema.

2009 was a real anniversary year. 40 years of Stonewall, and 15 years of Queer Film Festival in Austria's capital with more films and screenings than ever.

 was cinematic world tour full of surprises - from festival crowd pleasers to long overdue rediscovery of early queer classics in an 'anniversary edition'. identities was founded 20 years ago and is still young and vibrant and full of love for film.

Come and enjoy identities 2015 with us!!